New finishings.

PVD and Powder Coating.

Quadro adds to its range two new finishing technologies that are resistant and aesthetically impeccable. The PVD and the Powder Coating, two methods that guarantee the resistance and aesthetic perfection of our taps.


Il PVD, o Physical Vapour Deposition, is a highly innovative coating procedure that allows us not to alter the inherent features of stainless steel preserving its durability, inalterability, its resistance to acid solvents and saline corrosions, hypoallergenicity and above all, the deposition process has the lowest environmental impact. Three different finishings offered*: Oro chiaro (light gold), Oro rosa (pink gold) and Oro nero (Black gold).

Powder Coating.

La Powder coating is one the most deep-rooted metal-finishing procedure in the business. With it, finishing that are far more materic and plastic than PVD can be re-created. Available* in Black (NE) and White (BI) colors.

* Upon request and only applicable to specific articles within Source series, as specified in the price list.