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An Ode to Steel and Water. A film by Iacopo Carapelli for the 20th Anniversary.

QuadroDesign is a young and dynamic company – managed by young people too – born with the necessity to offer solutions rather than products. We innovate because we choose to combine noble and sophisticated materials such as stainless steel together with an essential, timeless, archetypal design.

In our design and development process, the ecological impact is always taken into consideration in addition to design, function and economics. For this is where the most important factors are already determined that set the course for the selection of materials, the manufacturing process, options for assembly, logistics and transport, reparability and return to the materials cycle. This overview shows the key aspects for the entire product life cycle that are currently applicable to QuadroDesign.

We focus on people. This implies a cooperative style of management that recognize employees representatives as being co creators of the daily life in the company.

Elena ed Enrico Magistro, co-founders (Pictures by Luca Caizzi)
An Ode to Steel and Water

The name Quadro derives from the fundamental element of our production. Acqua (water in italian) and hydro (the latin word).


The story of QuadroDesign is the classic story of an Italian family, made up of migration, sacrifices and commitment. The Rubinetterie Magistro, founded by Carmelo Magistro and his wife Giuliana in 1978, represents the classic example of small and medium-sized Italian industry that is the fulcrum of the country’s economy. Their children Elena and Enrico, willing to start a process of renewal, represent the best example of the second generation, made up of innovation and necessary change.

QuadroDesign’s headquarters are located in San Maurizio d’Opaglio, on the shores of Lake Orta. The link with water and its care and respect is undeniable and an integral part of the company philosophy. The headquarters, former foundries of Mamoli built in 1960, was purchased and renovated in the 90s and restored to its former glory, enhancing the formal and constructive typology.

QuadroDesign headquarter interiors, project by Studio WOK (ph. Marcello Mariana).


We have always preferred production processes that have a reduced environmental impact, avoiding the use of pollutants or processes that would be toxic to the environment.

Steel, in addition to being a completely recyclable material, is an important resource for us: the thin passivating layer that protects its surface makes our products more resistant to external attacks and corrosion, thus making them last longer. Furthermore, being a “naked” product, it can be reconditioned and reissued on the market at any time. Waste is therefore reduced: our products, if treated with care, never turn into waste, thus helping to improve the health of our planet.

Another step towards a cleaner world is represented by the products of the Idealaqua series, which provide an eco-sustainable, inexhaustible and economical source of pure water. Filtering the water, avoiding the consumption of bottled water, helps the environment in many ways: it avoids transport – which is a source of pollution and chemical alteration of water – and the consumption
and waste of plastic or glass.



The attention to production detail is almost maniacal, working on a thousandth scale compared to the old production standards used in brass production. Our products, not being coated (commonly called “naked”) must be perfect directly from the Index® turning machines.

Our production processes include advanced CNC turning centres and 5 axis machining, but always maintaining an artisanal approach towards the handling and care of the final product.

All pictures by Luca Caizzi


QuadroDesign was born in 2001 with the aim of shifting the focus – in the field of sanitary fittings – from a material that corrodes in contact with water and releases impurities (brass), to a material such as stainless steel which is specific for this type of use and installation. We choose the AISI316L type, a very resistant alloy suitable for sanitary environments, such as restaurants and laboratories, and highly resistant to attacks by water containing chlorides.

Only some of our kitchen products are produced in brass, and then subsequently coated: the legacy of the Magistro taps. However, we have chosen a certified brass (CW617N) and we often de-lead it to guarantee a cleaner material. The finishes are performed by suppliers who comply with environmental regulations for recycling and correct disposal of waste, so as to ensure full respect for the environment in which we live.

Made in Italy

All our products are made up of metals, components, lubricants, rubbers and plastics of Italian origin. These are eventually worked and assembled in Italy. For this reasons, we can guarantee and certify the origin of our “Made in Italy”.

ISO 9001 Bureau Veritas Certification
NSF International
Korea Certification Mark
2023 ADI Design Index
FFQT by Formafantasma
2023 Azure Awards Award of Merit
FFQT by Formafantasma
2022 German Design Award Winner
FFQT by Formafantasma
2022 IDM Best of Year Award Finalist
FFQT by Formafantasma
2022 Casum Awards
FFQT by Formafantasma
2022 Archiproducts Design Awards Winner
FFQT by Formafantasma
2021 Archiproducts Design Awards Winner
Valvola01 by Studio Adolini
2021 ADI Design Index
Valvola01 by Studio Adolini
2020 Archiproducts Design Awards Winner
Valvola01 by Studio Adolini
2017 Architizer A+Awards Special Mention
Levo by Studio Adolini
2009 Wallpaper Design Awards
Ottavo by Hans Thyge Raunkjaer

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