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About us

An Ode to Steel and Water. A film by Iacopo Carapelli for the 20th Anniversary.

On the shores of Lake Orta in northern Italy, under the leadership of Enrico and Elena Magistro, QuadroDesign designs, manufactures and distributes taps of essential design made of 100% AISI316L stainless steel. It has been doing so since 2001, when design was hardly considered in the bathroom environment and when giving up brass implied a revolution in traditional taps manufacturing. A risky choice, that QuadroDesign made to pursue a strong environmental focus and vocation.

Stainless steel, especially when used ‘bare’, is in fact a noble material with a very low impact. During production, because it does not require chrome plating or other polluting coatings; during use, because it does not corrode in contact with water and does not release harmful elements; and at the end of its life, because it can be recycled. Even though a stainless steel faucet by QuadroDesign is designed to last forever.

Elena ed Enrico Magistro, co-founders (Pictures by Luca Caizzi)
Why QuadroDesign?

Inspired by the Latin aqua and the Greek hydro, the word Quadro has water at its center but adds the key element of Design in its brand name. QuadroDesign thus means investing in innovation, in a constant search for essentiality and in the use of noble materials to give the tapware industry and its supply chain environmentally-conscious twist.

Our Story

Reducing waste, sharing the fruits of labour, contributing to a common goal, doing things well in harmony with nature. Enrico and Elena Magistro grew up in a family that believed in these values, inherited from the grandparents’ farming culture and renewed in the entrepreneurial work of their parents, Carmelo and Giuliana, who founded Rubinetterie Magistro in 1978.

For more than 20 years, the Magistro family manufactured solid, safe products: a success consolidated with the invention, in the 90s, of a drinking water treatment system named Idealaqua. When Mr.Magistro decided to hand over to Enrico and Elena the business, they decided to give the company a new face. They started with a new name, QuadroDesign, that summarizes the new company philosophy.

QuadroDesign headquarter interiors, project by Studio WOK (ph. Marcello Mariana).

Where we work

The headquarters of QuadroDesign are in San Maurizio d’Opaglio, on the shores of Lake Orta in the spaces that, until 1990, housed the Mamoli taps foundry, and then the production of the Magistro faucets. The renovation project of the offices and showroom, curated by Studio WOK, led to the creation of two overlapping spaces that reflect the personality of QuadroDesign.

The essential design and use of noble materials can be found in the simple, pure volumes of the offices and in the palette of natural materials and neutral, warm colours. While the flexibility of the collections is declined in the showroom in a modular layout made of walls covered with perforated panels and birch tables with the top divided into interchangeable panels.


Design according to us

“Design is a relationship: but while an object that is merely beautiful enchants us, a well-designed one becomes the companion of a lifetime”. Enrico Magistro

QuadroDesign promotes an archetypal design, which reduces rather than add to give shape to the true and intimate sense of things. Because designing a product starting from its essence means using less material, reducing environmental impact. And expressing a timeless elegance that makes it worthy of respect and care. A guarantee of durability.

Proceeding by subtraction also on the technical, invisible part of the faucets, QuadroDesign has separated the functional variables from wall fittings, starting with the cartridge. A solution that allows architects to work with a single specification code and achieve maximum flexibility and logistical efficiency while working on interior projects. Because good design is what you see, but above all what is inside an object.

All pictures by Luca Caizzi

We are a design project

QuadroDesign is a company but first and foremost a systemic design project. An ecological intuition transformed into a creative process, a vision capable of generating formal and substantial harmony in products, spaces, communications, and services. From the headquarters where the fragrances of the forest linger to the modular showroom, from the human-centered factory to the experimentations with research-focused designers, from user-friendly solutions for architects to the quality of manufacturing and the functional intelligence of the collections.

Everything that QuadroDesign does is thoroughly thought out by the professionals from inside and outside the company who contribute to its presence on the market and share its vision. Because QuadroDesign is also a new way of doing business: coherent, open, innovative, collaborative. And intrinsically sustainable.

Made in Italy

All our products are made up of metals, components, lubricants, rubbers and plastics of Italian origin. These are eventually worked and assembled in Italy. For this reasons, we can guarantee and certify the origin of our “Made in Italy”.

ISO 9001 Bureau Veritas Certification
NSF International
Korea Certification Mark
2023 ADI Design Index
FFQT by Formafantasma
2023 Azure Awards Award of Merit
FFQT by Formafantasma
2022 German Design Award Winner
FFQT by Formafantasma
2022 IDM Best of Year Award Finalist
FFQT by Formafantasma
2022 Casum Awards
FFQT by Formafantasma
2022 Archiproducts Design Awards Winner
FFQT by Formafantasma
2021 Archiproducts Design Awards Winner
Valvola01 by Studio Adolini
2021 ADI Design Index
Valvola01 by Studio Adolini
2020 Archiproducts Design Awards Winner
Valvola01 by Studio Adolini
2017 Architizer A+Awards Special Mention
Levo by Studio Adolini
2009 Wallpaper Design Awards
Ottavo by Hans Thyge Raunkjaer

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