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QuadroDesign manufactures stainless steel faucets and accessories with essential and timeless design, which is there to last. It is a young company. Anagraphically, because it is led by two brothers who have carried the family business into contemporary times. And in spirit, because it puts sustainability at the center and designs everything accordingly: materials, production systems, products, supply chain, factory, sales and distribution strategies. QuadroDesign works in collaboration with design studios that share its mission focused on respect for the environment.

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Interiors of QuadroDesign offices, project by Studio Wok (ph. Marcello Mariana)

I giorni calendar, design Finemateria

“I Giorni” Calendar is a desk-sized manifesto to condense the detail of our production quality into a small object for everyday use. Finemateria sees the perpetual analogue calendar as the most suitable product to do this and offers its own interpretation articulated on the material exaltation and precision achieved in the advanced and meticulous workmanship that the company has honed on the material.


Material for cylinders
Material for base

Collaborations, projects and news from QuadroDesign world

Friends: Giacomo Moor

Throught the eyes and ears of Luca A. Caizzi – who visited and interviewed Giacomo in his studio in Milan – we find out more about the man behind our latest kitchen and water treatment collection Thumb.

Discover our bathroom collections

The bathroom collection is entirely produced in stainless steel and consists of 13 collections of taps, plus various accessories, shower products and various complements.

An Ode to Steel and Water. A film by Iacopo Carapelli for the 20th Anniversary.
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