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New Q showerhead

L’essenzialità formale del soffione doccia della collezione Q, disegnato dallo Studio Adolini, cambia e si migliora tecnicamente grazie all’aggiunta di tre aeratori spray Neoperl.

IN001 Rough-in Installation Video

QuadroDesign has separated the functional variables from wall fittings, starting with the cartridge: discover more about our built-in system with the IN001 installation video.

I Giorni by Finemateria

“I Giorni” Calendar is a desk-sized manifesto to condense the detail of our production quality into a small object for everyday use.

ICFF. New York.

Quadro will participate in North America’s leading design fair, the ICFF in New York.

September exhibitions: Amsterdam, Vancouver, Valéncia

This September, three times the occasion to meet us and discover our products.

Friends: Maddalena Casadei

Craftsmanship in symbiosis with design: this could be the synthesis behind Maddalena Casadei’s approach to design.

Instant of Change, 17–22 April 2023

The Instant of Change is the moment when design meets art, in a single object, a piece never seen before. Three noble materials come together to create a work that is the result of the creativity of Finemateria design studio.

Fontanella by Finemateria

Fontanella is a wandering drinking fountain designed by Finemateria, meant to be part of ‘Rooting/Radicarsi’, the first festival organised and hosted by Dopo? Space.

Karaoke, a film by Luca A. Caizzi and Francesca Pavoni

Inspired by the advertising campaigns of the late 80s and early 90s, the film aims to tell the product category of taps and fittings through the narrative expedient of the comedy. 

Venti, an Ode to Steel and Water

QuadroDesign and the photography research led by Luca A. Caizzi to celebrate the brand’s 20 years anniversary: a story of a family, of places and evolving design. Images collected in the coffee table book ‘Venti’.

Friends: Studio DWA

Hosted by Frederik De Wachter and Alberto Artesani, we explore a corner of Nolo, an area north of Milan (North of Loreto to be exact, hence No-Lo), where the creativity and industriousness of many, locals and new arrivals alike, is consolidating as an emerging pole of the city.

FFQT by Formafantasma

From shared values of sustainability and formal experimentation between QuadroDesign and the design studio Formafantasma, comes the new FFQT collection. Available from Autumn 2022.

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