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Bar Nico by SagomaStudio

Located in East Milan, Bar Nico is a fusion of history and transformation. Once a tire shop and, in its earlier days, an historic pasta factory, the space exudes a distinctive character that pays homage to its diverse past.

Park View by LBWA

Entering the flat designed by LBWA studio, we are constantly accompanied by the green trees of the nearby park.

Breda by Atelierzero

This spacious apartment, designed by Atelierzero, is located within a residential tower that symbolizes the rebirth of Milan after the post-war period.

Around a Void by Associates Architecture

Around a Void is the project for an apartment designed by Associates Architecture, located in Brescia’s historic centre, in an early 20th century building with only three units.

Pan Milano by studio wok

Pan’s architectural project stems from the desire to create a physical and material transposition of the innovative format of the place.

Flockhill Lodge by Warren and Mahoney Architects

Flanked by New Zealand’s Southern Alps, nestled into limestone rock formations and looking across Lake Pearson to a perfectly symmetrical view of Sugarloaf Mountain is Flockhill Homestead, designed by world-renowned architectural studio Warren and Mahoney.

Lugano Lake Home by Studio Wok

Studio Wok reimagined the interiors of a dreamy domestic refuge overlooking lake Lugano.

HV Pavillon by GGA Architects

Surrounded by an olive grove, HV Pavillon is the project of a residence in the foothills of Amiata Mount in the Tuscan Maremma.

Laguna Faro Suites by Patricia Urquiola

In a place, in which the balanced relationship between humans and the nature is so important and sensitive, for the project we have been inspired by the territory that hosts Laguna Palace Hotel.

Cascina Otto by Studio Wok

Contemporary rurality in the Langhe vineyards: this farmhouse is located on the road that leads to the top of the hill of S.Bovo, surrounded by vineyards in a rural and suggestive landscape.

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