Idealaqua is an inexhaustible and economic source of extremely pure, healthy, safe and odorless water, free from any unpleasant taste.

The single body mixer features two functions: supply of both depurated and normal tap water. Its installation is similar to the traditional system. It allows to use filtered water only when needed. Idealaqua is practical, compact, aesthetically integrated in a total new way and guarantees perfect functioning with only a little maintenance.
Six good reasons why you should filter your water.

One. We are the ones responsible for our own diets.

Regulations stipulating the amounts of contaminants permitted in the drinking water are of course already in effect. But how are these limit values determined? A maximum of 0.1 mg/I of copper is recommended for infants, for exampLe, but 2 mg/I is permitted.

Two. Drinking water should not contain any pollutants.

Not in any amount, no matter how slight! After all, water is food stuff number one for humans and not everything that is permitted is also healthy (copper or pharmaceutical residues). As far as our drinking water goes, the rule should be: the fewer foreign substances, the better.

Three. It is a long road from the waterworks to your water faucet.

Our tap water is prepared for public consumption at the waterworks. The problem is that the water that is pumped through the long pipeline networks and frequently ancient building pipe systems do affect the quality of the water when it finally reaches our faucets.

Four. It is more ecological to filter water than it is to purchase it.

Keeping a case of mineral water in the house requires not only physical strength but also enormous hygiene-related efforts on the part of the filling company. And it is also often the case that the transport route for one mineral water involves 2000 kilometers of lorry driving — a burden on the environment and unfortunately not always a guarantee of good quality.

Five. Filtering water saves time, money and effort.

Your body needs — depending on age and weight — 2 liters of fluids daily, preferably in the form of water. Those who prefer mineral water have a heavy load to bear. Those who filter their tap water, on the other band, always have fresh, good-tasting water on hand, with no effort and at far less expense to boot.

Six. Filtered water simply tastes better.

Connoisseurs know: the flavor of tea and coffee can be enjoyed to the full with filtered water. The flavor elements and the natural colors are better retained when cooking fresh vegetables. Plants and animals also respond to the advantages of filtered water.
This diverter allows you to activate or deactivate the purified water supply as needed. Utility patent n° MI99U000264 dated 29/04/1999.
The Idealaqua series mixers have two different water ways the filtered and potable water one, thus completely dividing the two ways from one another through all their way to the glass.

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