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FFQT by Formafantasma


From shared values of sustainability and formal experimentation between QuadroDesign and the design studio Formafantasma, comes the new FFQT collection. Available from Autumn 2022.


“Sometimes design is effective when it is at its most subtle state. What stands out is the service it offers. The FFQT series aims to be equally timeless in its use, intuitive and quiet in its presence in the home. Faucets are among the most used objects in the daily life and provide the most precious resource: water.” Formafantasma

This is what Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin, aka Formafantasma, say when commenting on their project for QuadroDesign, which, to imagine performing the opposite operation of going from a three-dimensional object to a drawing, translates into the use of the perfect shape of the circle, in an almost mathematical combination of intersections and concentric repetitions of elements.

There are many symbolic implications of the chosen form: movement without beginning and without end, perennial cycle of life and time, impalpable and transparent primordial substance, intellectual and spiritual dimension. All traceable with varying degrees of abstraction to the element of water, conveyed by the design object itself, and to an immaterial condition of harmony associated with self-care.


In addition to the normal elements that make up a bathroom collection – washbasin and bidet mixers, wall-mounted elements and spouts, shower and bathtub units – the series will include a sliding rail with a built-in water outlet, a shower kit with magnetic connection and a mechanical rack-and-pinion adjustment, and a special outdoor shower column (but there will also be an indoor version) onto which the common 5/8″ garden hose can be plugged.

An addition, therefore, to the outdoor elements within the QuadroDesign product range, which, being manufactured in AISI316L stainless steel, are particularly high-performance and resistant to outdoor installations. The entire collection will also be accompanied by three accessories, two shelves and a mirror, to be positioned at will on the various tube elements.


From micro to macro-projects, made by nature or man-made, having a value content is a need and a way of thinking about design: the new FFQT collection of bathroom and outdoor taps by QuadroDesign wants to be a virtuous example of this.

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