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Lugano Lake Home by Studio Wok


Studio Wok reimagined the interiors of a dreamy domestic refuge overlooking lake Lugano. The house, a 1970s stone building, is located on the boundary between the urbanised area and a dense wood, surrounded by vegetation and with a splendid 180° view of the lake. The architectural intervention mainly concerned the interior spaces and was aimed at creating a home that was suitable for the life of the client’s young family and that had a greater dialogue with the lake and the surrounding nature.

Concept design, developed design, supervision
Studio Wok
Arch. Claudia Begni
Lake of Lugano
Marcello Mariana

In the living area, the first operation was to create a service area to the north that would include a kitchen, featuring our stainless steel kitchen mixer (art. 398), utility room, bookcase, staircase and fireplace, and to equip the entrance with a service bathroom and wardrobe cabinet. On the upper floor, the master bedroom has been designed as a true suite, a fluid sequence of spaces with a bed area, bathroom, study and walk-in wardrobe.

The shower is a volume covered in opaline glass that manages the division and privacy between the rooms. The interior of the shower, as well as the washbasin units in the two bathrooms, are green serpentine monoliths, contrasting with the light shades of the wall coverings. The minimalism is created with the simple us of few noble materials, enhanced with the installation of our stainless steel products (our Q collection designed by Studio Adolini).

All wooden elements, new and existing, have been painted black to dialogue with the landscape and the dark light colours of the surrounding vegetation.

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