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Fontanella by Finemateria


Fontanella is a wandering drinking fountain designed by Finemateria, meant to be part of ‘Rooting/Radicarsi’, the first festival organised and hosted by Dopo? Space.


It appears as a dynamic drinking water station, constantly ready to serve people by moving with them to follow the busy programme of events, talks and parties.

Fontanella is entirely made of steel and defined by a minimalist structure. Featuring extreme formal synthesis, it is capable of highlighting the technical and material qualities of Quadro products installed on it: on the top there is a tap, a knob and a hi-fi look drain grate, underneath each component is laid out in its bare form.


Finemateria is a design studio interested in creating intense ideas, emotions and memory in relationship with materials. The aim of the studio is to visualize processes, cultures, and materials to tell a story that leaves a message. Finemateria perceives the form as the materialization of the idea, whether it’s a product, a research, an exhibition or a space.

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