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IN001 Rough-in Installation Video

QuadroDesign has separated the functional variables from wall fittings, starting with the cartridge. A solution that allows architects to work with a single specification code and achieve maximum flexibility and logistical efficiency while working on interior projects.

IN001 Installation Video - English Version

QuadroDesign promotes an archetypal design, which reduces rather than add to give shape to the true and intimate sense of things. Because designing a product starting from its essence means using less material, reducing environmental impact.

Our IN001 rough-in is compatible with all our latest collections and the progressive/traditional cartridge movement. One single code to specify, many different designs and movements to choose from. The installation process is reduced into few simple steps, rendered graphically in this video.

Technical Features
AISI316L Stainless steel
Cartridge compatibility
Traditional, Progressive, Diverter
Collection Compatibilty
FFQT, Q, Valvola01, Valvola02, Modo, Stereo, HB, Levo
Incorporated, bubble-shaped
MIN–MAX on plastic cover
Back-plate, holes on the body
IN001 Rough-in Installation video
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