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Park View by LBWA


Entering the flat designed by LBWA studio, we are constantly accompanied by the green trees of the nearby park. Warsaw’s Krasińskich, an incredibly charming city park, is also the neighbourhood in which this intimate building stands, designed with great attention to detail and finishing materials.

Varsavia, Polonia
125 m2
Bathroom, Kitchen
Source, Inox

The entrance hallway was separated from the rest of the place by the large, sliding doors. Wide tiles of ribbed glass mounted in thin, black, aluminum frames, form a delicate partition while simultaneously illuminating the space with a natural light. A soft and sprawling sofa is a center of the living room, creating a relaxing area. This space connects the dining room with a table and library and kitchen.

The kitchen was connected to the living space by an island. The top and a frame of the island were made of natural stone. To break the monolithic form, a delicate gap finished with walnut veneer was created. The same stone was also used as a finish for the niche with an induction hob located in the high part of the construction.

Tall kitchen cabinets are connected with a hallway leading to the bedrooms. The fronts of cabinets, doors and wall panels were finished with natural walnut veneer – creating a uniform effect. Walnut wood also smoothly translates into the interior of the bathroom and harmoniously combines with dark green tiles, creating a warm aura of this small room. Behind large wooden doors at the end of the hallway, there is a spacious main bedroom.

In its central point, a closet was designed as a division between the bed area and bathroom. Like the hallway, the close was finished with natural walnut veneer. The bathroom at the bedroom is kept in light colors. The only stronger color accent is a shower niche finished with large, pale pink tiles. These tiles blend perfectly with a light natural stone, which was used as a finish for floors and walls in the rest of the bathroom.

Fotografie: Studio ZASOBY

The whole designed space was complemented by furniture mostly made by individual design. Natural materials such as wood and stone give the apartment a timeless character, well fitting into the surrounding park and the building.

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