Formafantasma Studio.

by Formafantasma.

If we consider a design product as a synthesis of the creative universe of its author – born within a mix of intuition and design ability – what better way to get to know the rest of this universe on the one hand and the product itself on the other, than a photographic tour in the very same house of the designer themselves? Quadrodesign went inside the Milan home/studio of Formafantasma, designers of the new FFQT faucet collection.

Location Milan
Interiors Formafantasma
Year 2020
Status completato
Series FFQT
Immagini courtesy of Luca Caizzi

Their house/studio, where the new FFQT faucets have been installed, is a space that is rigorous in its geometry, with those characteristics of a former workshop where one can easily imagine a craftsman working with metal. Overlooking the inner courtyard, amidst rough concrete and meticulous details without excess, is the series of large windows that provide light for the many plants that populate the house. Light tones prevail, natural untreated woods, a subdivision of space by function that lets you guess what is going on in the next room.
Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin have always been spokesmen for a new design sensibility that considers history, social and political evolutions and the ecological theme as elements that shape the discipline of design.
All around, the many pieces signed by the designers for various brands, but also the result of personal research into different materials for which the duo is famous. The inner courtyard is the first set to set the free-standing shower column, the collection’s hero product thanks its innovative conception, for both outdoor and indoor use: the steel stem with the end shower head holds in place, through a series of rings, a common 5/8” garden water hose. The designers explain this provocation through the sense of research that always animates their projects, which start from and enhance an idea: that of the archetype of the fountain to be enriched with small parasitical elements such as two shelves and a mirror. That of a very common and cheap element as a rubber tube that is within everyone’s reach and everyday imagination, which acquires a different identity when incorporated in an evolved project; that of a material such as stainless steel which gives robustness to the final result.
As for the working process, which for stainless steel can only be CNC milling, the designers state that, instead of experiencing this technique as a limitation to imaginable forms, it was an aid to voluntarily conceiving silent objects: homes are variously full of narrative objects, which must be in the right balance to be appreciated. A silent object carries silent values such as durability, respect for the context in which it was conceived and the context in which it will be used. The only thing it must state without doubt is how it is to be used. This aspect is particularly evident in the shots of the bathroom and kitchen fittings, where it is intuitive to operate a single lever to act on the intensity and temperature of the water flow.

Places where an object takes shape and places where an idea is born. In the case of Quadrodesign and Formafantasma, the shared rule is to weigh up how much the processes of industrial design and production impact on the ecological order of the planet and to limit the impact in order to operate in a virtuous and responsible manner.


Archiproducts Design Awards 2020.
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